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The Bhor Chemicals and Plastics Pvt. Ltd., Shivsagar Estate, Block A, 8th Floor, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai - 400018, Maharashtra, India

Fabric Reinforcements

Specializing in woven fabric based reinforcements for high end composite applications...

BhorForce® is our range of Woven Reinforcement Fabric Products, this encompasses a multitude of fabric reinforcements suitable various application including aerospace, infrastructure as well as automotive and industrial end uses. Woven fabric based reinforcement materials are lightweight yet sturdy, with excellent fatigue and impact resistance. They provide good drape, excellent handling characteristics and superior strength and stiffness.

BhorForce® Woven fabric reinforcements are available in Unidirectional as well as Bidirectional orientations. The range of aerial weights available enables the users to select the right reinforcements based on their application requirements including orientation, drape, finish and ply thickness.  A wide range of reinforcement fiber options are available ranging from Carbon, Aramid, Glass and Quartz Fibers.

Reinforcement Fabric Product Profile:

  • Fibers: Carbon Aramid, Glass, Quartz, Hybrid
  • Woven Unidirectional Fabrics: Aerial weight 100 to 900 gsm
  • Woven Bi-Directional Fabrics: Weave styles:  Plain, Twill, Satin; Aerial Weight: 100 to 630 gsm
  • Narrow Width Woven Unidirectional and Bidirectional Fabrics: 25 to 150 mm wide
  • 3D Profiles: X, T, π, etc.
  • Custom Weave Patterns available on request
  • Customized solutions (Aerial Weight, Width, Roll length) for specific application requirements can also be developed

BhorForce® Bidirectional fabrics can also be offered in prepreg form, please visit our BhorPreg® range of prepreg systems for more information.