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The Bhor Chemicals and Plastics Pvt. Ltd., Shivsagar Estate, Block A, 8th Floor, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai - 400018, Maharashtra, India

Resin Matrix Systems

Epoxy Resin Manufacturers in India

Leading-edge epoxy resin systems for diverse applications

BhorBond® is our range of Epoxy Manufacturers in India. A wide variety of Epoxy Resin System formulations to support composite part manufacturing via hand layup, resin infusion, and vacuum bagging technologies are available. Our ability to formulate systems based on the application requirement is our key advantage. Our high-performance epoxy resin systems find growing application in the shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, wind energy and sports equipment industries.

  • Long Pot-life Epoxy resin system for hand layup
  • Cosmetic epoxy systems
  • Toughened resin systems
  • Cyanate Ester-based systems
  • Polyimide based systems